How to order your Bobcat Hotspot?

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Updated 07/06/2021

Bobcat, a new partner of HNT SPOT! In order to guide you in the purchase of a Miner 300 from Bobcat, we will give you all the elements to know HERE!

The hotspot Bobcat of the company EasyLinkin is one of the last hotspots (in the first wave on January 27, 2021) to have been approved by Helium and the community. They have successfully passed the technical validation and they have the certifications THIS and FCC.

Bobcat is a brand specializing in the development of hotspots for Helium, and partners with Easylinkin to develop the Bobcat Miner 300 machine. Easylinkin. It is one of the leading manufacturers of LoRaWAN gateways and invests heavily in its own research and development capabilities. In addition to designing and manufacturing LoRaWAN gateways and modules, Easylinkin has over 200 LPWAN-related patents and has so far raised $ 85 million in total funding. Easylinkin gateways and solutions have been deployed in more than 100 cities in China and abroad. It has deployed Lora networks for Alibaba in the city of Hangzhou, 510,000 LoRa water meters in China, and 55,000 LoR electricity meters for Indonesia and Mongolia.

It is a major player in Helium for China and South Asia even if they also deliver to Europe and the US!

The Bobcat miner 300 is differentiated by its architecture. It is based on a 4-core processor, Rockchip PX30 equipped with 64 Gb eMMC Flash. It comes basic with a 4 dBi antenna with a base is a cable that can be very practical! It only consumes 5W

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Full package detail:

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You can connect the Bobcat miner 300 in Wi-fi (IEEE 802.11 b / g / n no AC) or Ethernet. PoE power is unfortunately not only possible via the supplied DC12V adapter.

They have a delivery time (to 05/05/2021) estimated at 10-20 weeks! This is their great strengths now.

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How to position your Hotspot Bobcat !

You will therefore have to position it Bobcat Miner 300 case indoors directly. You can put it outdoors in an IP68 waterproof box with a DC12V power supply that is also waterproof, but it's more complicated.

Connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet (our recommendation).

As always, we recommend that you put your antenna on OUTSIDE !

For that, here is our shopping list:


An RP-SMA-MALE cable to an N-Type connector for an external RAK Wireless antenna -> 5 meters10 meters

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If you don't have the ability to make a hole in the wall, it gets complicated!

You will need an RP-SMA-MALE to SMA female adapter -> Here

An SMA Male to Female cable -> Here (5, 10, 15, 20 meters)

Then you will have to go through your patio door -> Here

And finally an SMA Female cable to N-TYPE -> Here (5 or 15 meters)

Finally, the choice of antennas:

RAK Wireless 3 dBi Fiberglass Antenna

RAK Wireless Antenna Fribre de verre 5.8 dBi

Rak Wireless Antenna Fiberglass 8 dBi

Be careful to respect the regulations in force in your country! For this, you refer to our article on antenna placement.

We also invite you to read our safe guide Helium !

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How to order your Bobcat Hotspot !?

To order your Bobcat miner 300, you have to go through a cryptocurrency platform like BINANCE.

Subscribe to Binance, you will need an account when earning HNTs anyway.

Then two options, either you already have cryptocurrency or you will have to use your bank card.

Go to the page BOBCAT. Click on "order now" at the top right, select Europe (EU868) and click on "buy it now" accepting the "terms and conditions".

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Complete the various elements (last name, first name, address, email address, etc.) then click on "continue to shipping" (customs fees are not included), then on "continue to payment".

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You will then automatically have the selection of coinase by means of payment

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Click on complete order

You will then come across this page:

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If you have coinbase you can pay via this platform directly but here we will use BINANCE. Click on USD Coin (USDC).

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You then have access to the address of the Bobcat USD wallet or send the money (like a bank transfer with a RIB / IBAN)

We will convert 580.80 USDC by taking an additional margin to cover the various costs of 20 USDC you 600 USDC in EURO is currently 500 €. See here.

Then go to BINANCE, click on “portfolio” then “spot portfolio (deposit and withdrawal)”. This is where you are going to have to take out your credit card.

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Click on "deposit" and put the amount in here in our example 500 € + 1.8% fees Binance

Click on "continue" and you should have the message in green, deposit successful. Click on 'view my wallet' and you should see your BTC and EUR Balance below.

Now that this step is complete, click on “Trade”, “Convert”.

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It is not possible to directly convert a EUR par and USDC we are therefore going to convert for the first time into USDT then USDC.

You want to convert EUR to USDT either:

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Then USDT in USDC:

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Click on "preview conversion then" convert. You should have a green success message again. Click on "back".

Go back to "portfolio" then "spot portfolio (deposit and withdrawal)"

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You should find the converted amount at the USDC list (you have a small search engine at the top left, "search for an asset") Pasted into comment commander votre hotspot bobcat 1 4. Then right click on "withdrawal".

Copy / paste the wallet address USDC from Bobcat on the payment page:

Pasted into comment commander votre hotspot bobcat 1 5

And selected the network ERC 20 Ethereum (ETH) at the level of Binance.

Pasted into comment commander votre hotspot bobcat 1 6

Enter the amount then in USDC to pay for your Bobcat Miner. ATTENTION there are 10 USDC transaction fees (that's why we put more in the beginning). This may vary over time, it's up to you to adjust the amount!

You can then confirm.

Then return to the Bobcat payment page and wait between 5 to 10 minutes for confirmation.

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You will receive an email automatically after confirmation of payment. Double check your junk mail, SPAM if ever.


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