Some useful links and tools for Helium

In this article, you will find the list of useful links to best accompany you on your journey to the world of Helium.

Buy a Hotspot
  • Nebra : Nebra offers quality Hotspots for indoors and outdoors. See our tutorial.
How to place your Hostpot or Miner
Estimate coverage areas, POC
  • : allows you to calculate the distance between two points, to see the topography of the land. Quite complete and easy to use.
  • : used to identify the topography of the land from a given point. Quite close to the RF coverage at 868MHz therefore, to reality.
  • : allows you to perform a complete radio simulation by specifying the antenna gain. To be configured according to frequency, power… Very complete but not easy to learn. Registration required.
Analyze Hotspot Revenue
Hotspot data analysis


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